Waterfalls Route

Cabrera d'Anoia

The Route

The route runs through the valleys of Anoia (Les Valls de l'Anoia), this area has been listed as an Area of Natural Interest.

Surrounded by forests, the streams that flow into the river Anoia form beautiful waterfalls. Through the route you can discover the natural values of the gorges, forests and agricultural areas that make up the landscape of the Valleys of Anoia.

We invite you to visit the waterfalls and enjoy the geological characteristics of this unique ecosystem.

*Please note that a 3 hour walking time will be required if you intend on visiting all of the waterfalls.

Waterfalls Route Map

Cabrera d'Anoia

Salt dels Capellans

Salt del Cargol

Salt dels Cucs

Salt de la Mala dona

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